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Established in 2003 PLASTCOMPLECT Ltd. Dedicated itself to the supplying of Ukrainian industrial customers with high quality wide range flexo-packaging making equipment.

At the same time company facing changing economic situation and competition environment in Ukraine and start to provides a fully customer-supported service in supplying with industrial automation hardware. This kind of service includes supporting the automation of Ukrainian machine industry, a lot of even small enterprises which looking for guaranteed quality parts & devices, advanced technologies and reasonable prices and terms. Our customers presented various branches of Ukrainian industry such as rubber/plastic machinery, food packaging, food making, printing machines, electronics, etc. We are specialized in supplying with AC frequency inverters, soft start devices, PID-temperature controllers, photo-thermo-sensors, capacitive-and inductive proximity sensors, different types of solid state relays, surface treaters, heaters with various shape and a lot of devices whatever our customers need. PLASTCOMPLECT Ltd. is also provides customers with full range of premium quality pneumatic equipment made by MINDMAN Co.

Many years PLASTCOMPLECT Ltd. specialized in a full value customer’s service and technical support which enable relationship between client and company confidence and have been recognized as a goal for our staff activity. Long time cooperation with our partners in Taiwan and integration with our esteemed customers in Ukraine makes a constant commitment to supply them with the best quality product and technical service as well.

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